Locavores Partners with Scanga Meat Co.

Locavores‘ commitment to sourcing fresh, local food is a challenge embraced by owner Wendi Seger. Seger says, “The current food supply chain has not caught up with the consumers’ cravings for fresh and local foods. Locavores has spent a tremendous amount of time working with traditional and non-traditional food supply chains to help us in our mission."

For example, Locavores has developed a partnership with Scanga Meat Company in Salida, Colorado. Scanga has been around since 1952. Current sales manager Rachel Scanga states that her grandfather, Ralph Scanga, started the business 65 years ago with the mission to provide the region with quality meats and friendly service. Ms. Scanga adds, “We are particularly helpful to those entities like Locavores who value locally sourced products."

Although Locavores hopes to source products within a 200 mile radius, working with Scanga Meat Company brings the meat sourcing even closer to home. In fact, 100 percent of the lamb and 80 percent of the pork and beef at Scanga are raised in the San Luis Valley. Ranchers such as Sherry Haugen, John Devine, and Bob Hof send much of their stock to Scanga. Scanga works with buyers from the sale barn in Monte Vista, Colo. Other Locavores pork is raised in Pueblo by Mauro Farms or other small ranches in the Salida area.

Ms. Scanga notes that they are very proud of the chicken they provide. In addition to sourcing well-known Red Bird Chicken from Englewood, they work with others such at Koch Farms and George’s Farms in Colorado. “All our chicken is hormone-free and all-natural,” Scanga explains. Finally, Scanga Meat Company cures and smokes its very own bacon on site. The countryside apricot wood blend is a house speciality, and they also offer tasty applewood bacon.

Seger contends that building partnerships with entities such as Scanga are vital to growing the Locavores brand. “Working with individual purveyors is often time consuming. You have different delivery schedules and individual relationships that have to be built with each company. But, we believe it’s worth it and so far, so do our customers”.